Started with text adventures on Oric Atmos, With my Amiga, I played A Bard's Tale, diverse D&D games, Bloodwych (fantastic collaborative mode). Started with King's Quest III, finished it myself without a solution (but a quick look at the binary code helped!) Went through other KQ, Space Quest, Larry games. Played all Monkey Island games starting with Amiga. Loved the new kind of humor, and the new type of 'you don't die' adventure game. On PC I Loved Gabriel Knight II - The Beast Within (didn't play the #1 and hated the #3) - my 'best of all' adventure game so far. Phantasmagoria was also a big big pleasure. The 2nd chapter was a little too gorish for me, just gave up. Discovered Final Fantasy VII on playstation. Thought it was a pretty game but was overwhelmed when I realized that the first building sequence was simply an introduction, not the whole game, and that I could actually move wherever I wanted in the world. A change in the gaming paradigm. Discovered TTG with the release of the excellent Tales from Monkey Island. Then played Sam & Max three seasons. TWAU, then TWD and TWD II out of despair (I don't like zombie stuff much but needed sthing to play). Now playing GoT, TFTBL, plus bough the BTTF series to fill the gap.


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