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  • Razer531

    Are you maybe good at editing or you know someone that could make a bit of a Violetine edit? Because your post in meme thread gave me an idea, and the edit I imagined would be as follows:

    In Titanic scene before the guards spot an iceberg in distance, they're looking at Jack and Rose kissing. We could replace their kissing with Clem and Violet one, and the guards happily looking at them would be Violetine fans. Then they turn around and spot an iceberg with Minerva pic on it.

    Also you should include Jack's death scene, with Rose being Violetine fans, Jack being Violetine itself(with Violet and Clem pick on him I guess), and when Rose let's Jack go, the Violetine ship sinks into a deep sea that would have Minerva pick on it.

    Finally, in the next scene with Rose on the boat early in the morning and Cal passing behind, you could put a Louis pick on Cal xD

    Anyway those were just some thoughts, I think it'd be funny if someone made that.

    November 7