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  • I think Double Visions is the best Episode so far. There are however, a few paradoxes in the series that bug me a tiny bit. Given the theory that; an infinite number of alternate timelines can co-exist. (Which is what allows the time machine to…
  • i think one of the main challenges is preserving the look and feel of the original games. Obviously using pixelated graphics from kings quest 1 isn't going to work, neither is using VGA graphics from kings quest 5. I'm guessing telltale will be usin…
  • Most of sierra's games went down hill after their 6th title, space quest 6 was ok, space quest 7 was cancelled. Kings quests 7 just felt like a disney rip-off, Kings quest 8 went 3d for no apparent reason, and was rubbish. If this genre is to be rel…
  • Sorry just a little tense from uni.
  • I'm currently studying for exams, and should be free by the end of this week. I might try finishing it then, (if I can still remember how to use lightwave). What I’ve shown you is 50 seconds of a 3 minute animation, and since its not finished I d…
  • not interesting? well i'm sorry i wasted your time. what you suggested is beyond my expertise. smooth motion in lightwave is very difficult to do. each bone is controled by null, which is why it seems linear and stiff. I've tried using ik boos…
  • Just keep buying their merchandise and they'll keep making them. I've already done my part, 2 x posters, Season 1 & 2, Sam & Max statue and a Hat. =D What would also help would be more exposure; I say give one of the episodes away for fr…
    in Season 3? Comment by frosticle May 2009
  • I want to see more exotic locations, like, Egypt, Aztec ruins. An Indiana Jones special would be great, Sam can be Indiana Since he's already wearing a hat, and his accent seems suiting. Max can just wander around aimlessly, setting off traps, an…
  • When do you think it's going to be finished? I don't know if i will ever finish it. Just need time and motivation i guess. here's a 50 second preview of what i've done so far.
  • Max's Fairy Floss
  • Too Affectionate
  • Sybil's Sickness Warning, contains adult themes
  • One more, just can't resist. Max's Brownies
  • Here's one more... Seems I have too much time on my hands.. Supposed to be doing assignments for uni. But i can't get sam and max out of my head O.o Max the Real Thing
  • Fifth and final (for now) Max the Boob
  • My fourth Comic Max Enlightened
  • My third Comic MAX POWDER
  • Why do you even need clues? I find the puzzles way too easy.
  • My Second Comic Bosco's Bonus