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  • I just discovered the missing downloads this weekend. While Telltale support wasn't helpful basically just saying their license expired, I'm happy to report the Daedalic gave me a steam code for The Whispered World after I reached out to them. Big…
  • RAnthonyMahan wrote: » Um...I don't work for Telltale or Activision, so for all I know maybe there really is such a deal, but why would a new King's Quest game give Telltale the license to every other Sierra property? We didn't see any other Lu…
  • I never got my coupon but I enter the order number on the product page in the store and it changes the price to 0. But once I add it to my cart it returns to the normal price - the 50% sale. I was hoping to get it with the free shipping this weeke…
  • Book - Tuesdays With Murray
  • My dad would take me down to CompUSA about once a month to look at all of the computers and games. One time they had the demo version of Secret of Monkey Island playable on the floor. Within 2 minutes I was hooked and we bought the game that same …