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  • Falanca wrote: » It's not you. The majority of people simply smypathizes Mario better, and I can't argue with that. Yet still, it's more than apparent to me that the earliest Sonic titles (Sonic 1, 2 and 3&K in Genesis; not the Game Gear ones)…
  • Falanca wrote: » I've always found Sonic more interesting than Mario, for the whole 2d era. Hmm... 2D sonic is too different to compare with Mario, although I thing Mario had better level design. It might just be me...
  • Lol I know... Except most of the time it isn't me...
  • Lol. 2 people have said "What's Tales Of Monkey Island?"
  • Farlander wrote: » Rhymes with mighty. Would you like to change your nickname to martypirate? Hello? Hello? Is any body home? lol. It doesn't really rhyme :D
  • Darkblader wrote: » To this day why they changed Robotnik to eggman is beyond me. Does anyone know the answer to this? WHY did they?
  • Gman5852 wrote: » Yes technically the only true difference is controlling bumpers. sonic spun like that in the old games and in the game you can still control sonic as if you where playing sonic one(it isnt reccomended though) Now i want to fig…
  • roberttitus wrote: » Once again, I must stress that you can never judge a game based on screenshots or concept. If I remember correctly (& I know that I do), people claimed that Windwaker was going to be a complete & total piece of garb…
  • Mermaid wrote: » His what? Sorry, meant monocule...
  • Then get the classes!
  • Spadge wrote: » Oh, and Wally! We totally NEED Wally! I feel sorry and sad for him when you take his monocule! Also, HE MUST RETURN AS WELL! Why not Mad Marty?
  • jeeno0142 wrote: » turtle = bad, but turtle shell = helpful. That's Koopa Troopa to you, mario!
    in Super Mario Comment by benzelz July 2010
  • Curse is good enough to not have a special edition, but fate of atlantis should.
  • It may be unbalanced, but it sure is fun!
  • Mr Nutt wrote: » DS games don't really have regions so it should be safe to get a copy from anywhere. DS and DS lite don't have region codes but DSi and the rest to come do have.
  • It may be a little unbalanced, but if you were a giant an you needed to heal, it would be a pain because you would have to grab a hat on the floor, start healing your self in a hidden place. Run back to the castle, wait 'til the timer is finished fo…
  • Dragonite87 wrote: » It just means that they want Puzzle Agent to be similar to Professor Layton because Professor Layton is so cool. Well technically the creater of Profesor Layton based there Profesor Layton games on another game. I can't…
  • I have got curse of monkey island, but that doesn't really count, does it?
  • The 3D effect looks cool, but how exactly will it work. I mean, I could play a game at any angle, so how would it know what angle I am playing the game at. It might be annoying playing games in 1 angle.
  • Dragonite87 wrote: » This is not a book but Super Mario Bros. the movie was absolutely terrible. I am bowser man with crazy hair and I am a human! Mario says, "Let's ride on Yoshi!" But as soon as he sees yoshi he changes his mind and ge…
  • No they don't. A giant can't heal.
  • There is a forum thread similar to this by the way. It's a dead one. I was gonna do it until I saw it. EDIT: Doesn't really matter though but remember to use the search Forum tool. It's alright though.
  • Sure, It changes the game completely, but I believe it's changed for the better! The ninja is stealthy, and has cool gameplay aspects. The pirate has cannonballs to thin out enemy lines. The giant makes fighting more interesting and is exce…
  • I hate poison mushrooms...
    in Super Mario Comment by benzelz July 2010
  • BoneFreak wrote: » 2012. Bad special effects, totally illogical situations, no compelling story to make me feel sorry for anyone who died. Just bad. It is an EXTREMELY BAD movie but I think the special effects are good!
  • guitarsareboring wrote: » Yeah, I've never been that fond of Sonic CD, the time travel aspect detracts from the gameplay and the levels look strange when you can see rings from one of the alternate time zones. Sonic Battle for the Game Boy Adva…
  • Secret Fawful wrote: » I cracked up when I saw this! Lol it's Angry Videogame Nerd! He's Awesome!!!!!!! Or it is board James lol. :guybrush::guybrush::guybrush::guybrush::guybrush::guybrush::guybrush:
    in Super Mario Comment by benzelz July 2010
  • Rather Dashing wrote: » Hell, I don't trust them with SEGA characters! Name one game where nintendo used sega characters. EDIT: Apart from SSBB because that was simply one character, and more like a side note. Nowhere near Mario and Soni…
    in Super Mario Comment by benzelz July 2010
  • You know, thinking about mario and sonic at the olympic games series, and how sega made it. I am not so sure if I trust Sega with nintendo characters.
    in Super Mario Comment by benzelz July 2010