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  • that was pretty cool looking
  • New fire emblem looks so sexy
  • I was actually pretty happy with that press confrence. I know it'll never happen but I want that damn Miku game in America. Same goes for the new Square game.
  • Like I said. Sin and Punishment quickly dropped to $20 because it sold poorly. Now it's doing better. SMG and TP were both doing good untill shortly before their price cuts. People felt their value was $50 for a good portion. This all relates to th…
  • SHODANFreeman wrote: » That has nothing to do with it. Nintendo does not drop prices for 3-5 years, for any first party game, regardless of sales. Every single first party DS game is still $34.99 new, no exceptions. Until this selects promotion…
  • You are aware the confrence is 100% for the 3DS right? I dunno even if it's DS.
  • Do you know why SMG price just dropped? It finally stopped selling at that price. LBP stopped selling rather quickly.
  • Yeah I count cellphone adaptions. If they make them part of the main story, then they count.
  • I hope my toilet shitting quote catches on.
  • To knitpick. God of War has had 6 games total. Resistance is also at 5. Ratchet and Clank (another sony IP) has been whored out pretty quickly with 8 games for it's main series. Jak and Dexter are at 6. Then there's Syphon Filter, Socom Series, Ape …
  • Is that Nick Cannon?
  • WAIT WAIT WAIT! You shit on the DS constantly for it's touch features and are now praising the vita for it? Plus Nintendo's been doing tilt since the damn Game Boy pocket. And while we're at this you hate on the (3)DS' touch screen because "You have…
  • Rather Dashing wrote: » Also, all of these are sequels. Every single one. . Funny that's what I say about all games now. Every game is a damn sequel now because it's too risky to make a new IP. If you're going to try to shit on the 3DS for …
  • Apparently the stick attatchment (from what I've heard from peopel translating the leaked famitsu mag) is that it's to come with every copy of MH:Tri G.
  • and I've not heard complaints from devs about the 3DS like I have some other consoles.
  • How doe sit do that? I've been enjoying quite a few games and haven't had my experienced hampered at all by the 3D, except for DoA which is why I turn it off in DoA.
  • DrRocketGenius wrote: » Listen, guys, we go over this every generation. Gameplay, not graphics, makes the console. It's odd that on the TT forums of all places would people bring up the Graphics = better argument.
  • SHODANFreeman wrote: » It's not that good either, and Vita's hardware will utterly destroy anything 3DS could ever possibly do. The graphics on 3DS should easily be better than Gamecube generation, by far. My freaking iPod Touch 3G has better gr…
  • Gman5852 wrote: » You are comparing semirealistic(as realistic a nintendo game gets) with cartoony. Not the best comparison. As for other news, who actually got Star Fox 64 3d? I may pick it up, but am not too sure yet. I'm waiting for t…
  • I currently have one game where the 3D is always turned off past the intro movie. Also Cubic Ninja uses no 3D. So far that is 2. Also quite a few games offer Game Cube and/or Classic controller schemes. I've about 10 that do.
  • SHODANFreeman wrote: » Very good? The 3D effect murders the processing power and the graphics are actually horrible compared to what the hardware COULD do if Nintendo had left out the crappy tacked on 3D gimmick. and Developers are allowed…
  • RAnthonyMahan wrote: » So we're clear, every time a contest like this happens 4chan always floods the votes so the most obscure character possible wins while the obvious winners get eliminated early. (If I remember correctly they got Bub and Bob t…
  • standard EULA stuff, they still do it usually.
  • I go to like JC Penny or where has cheapest pants with biggest pockets and enough room to not hug my downstairs and cut off my blood circulation. Pretty hard to find these days.
  • I used to have 6-8 sets of pockets on my pants. Now I'm down the only 4 (including the ass ones). While my side pockets are big enough to fit 3 DVD cases in them (my pants are so much tinier now damn new fads). So, overall I'm not worried on what i…
  • oh I can fit 5 DVD cases in my pockets, each. I've once walked from my house to my friends house with 5 DVD cases in 4 of my pockets. I like big pockets.
  • yeah I'm not a fan of how it increases the width of the 3DS and pushing you away from the buttons. My hands are tiny and the 3DS fits perfectly right now
  • Good. I want them to stop the advertisements on 3D.
  • Shadowknight1 wrote: » Not everyone complains about the kind of stuff Lucas does all the time. For example, when bringing the original Star Trek into the HD era, Paramount/CBS had the special effects completely redone and not too many people loat…
  • Hassat Hunter wrote: » Funny you pick the 2 games that have been changed most throughout their game career. WoW at launch and current WoW? Vastly different. TF2? Unrecognisable. So, why is it allowed there, but not to Star Wars? After all, the or…