My name is of course, Michael Christy, I have been playing computer games for decades. I am very experienced not easily impressed, no ones FAN-BOY, and willing to criticize even when many believe otherwise. Honesty is what I deliver. I live in Las Vegas, the most over done and filthy city in the Southwest. Why don't I move then? My family members are dying off, and because they loved Gambling so much chose to live here, than any real city. My favorite games are, and not in order of favorite: Skyrim, The Sims 3, Civilization 5, The Secret World, the awesome trilogy of Mass Effect (if anyone out there has never played any of these games, you have got to play it, it is amazing and the only game I have ever played that each sequel kept getting bettter), Dragon Age Ultimate (Dragon Age 2 sucketh, it is the worst followup to an AWESOME game) Neverwinter Nights the original. The Tell Tale game, The Walking Dead and my very favorite A Wolf Among Us, incidently, not to toot my own horn, but I look a bit like Bigby, but my hair is a bit shorter. Lastly, Magic the Gathering, even though it is a card game and best played as such. There are others too, but just chose my all time favorites.


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