Watch Our PAX East Panel for The Walking Dead: The Final Season Now

Scott Butterworth

April 9th 2018

PAX has passed, but you can still catch new story details and concept art in the archived footage of our "first look" panel.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season - First Look at Key Art & PAX East Info!

Caroline Liddick

March 30th 2018

Take a look at the newly shared season art, and get all the details on our presence at PAX East 2018 - including where you can stream our panel and get the latest news on The Walking Dead: The Final Season!

Villain Joker: The Bad Breakup

Meghan Thornton

March 20th 2018

Ever had a bad breakup? The most rational person can be prone to toxic behavior when she or he is hurting. And if that’s true of a rational person, what would Joker do?

Vigilante Joker: A Desire for Justice

James Windeler

March 20th 2018

Early in our development process, the Batman team got excited by the idea that you, the player, would be responsible for creating The Joker. Episode five of Batman: The Enemy Within represents the culmination of that idea.

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