Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Gets a New Episode, a New Disc, and New Languages Today!

Scott Butterworth

September 19th 2017

Hey fellow adventurers! Today is a big day for Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two, with three major additions all landing at the same time...

Doing Time in the Sunshine Institute

Steve McManus

September 18th 2017

Episode three lead designer Steve McManus shares some thoughts on The Sunshine Institute, a very special place within the world of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two that is totally, definitely, absolutely not a prison... (Or is it??)

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Returns September 19, See Episode Three Trailer Now!

Scott Butterworth

September 14th 2017

With epsiode three of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two just a few days away, we're excited to share a new trailer for the upcoming Jailhouse Block. Prepare to bust out of the Admin's prison on September 19 and keep reading for a few more details.

Save the Galaxy or Save Your Loved Ones? Designing a Devastating Choice

Scott Butterworth

September 13th 2017

In this video, the team behind the game dives into the anatomy of the Guardians’ biggest, most consequential choice to date, and discusses the stakes, circumstances, and potential fallout surrounding the decision. Watch the video for some behind-the-scenes insights!

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