Welcome (Back) to Beacontown!

posted by Eric Stirpe July 6th 2017

When the team first heard that we would be continuing Jesse's adventure in a new season of Minecraft: Story Mode I did what I always do: Retreat to my notebooks and start jotting down ideas. Sometimes they'd be ideas for whole episodes or seasons, sometimes they'd just be notions of characters, but what connected all of them were the themes of "growing up" and "changing responsibilities and friendships."

We always knew that we wanted to skip ahead a few years for Season Two; show Jesse a little more mature, now the leader of her own town, and struggling to balance the duties of her job with the fun of adventuring with her friends. The rest of the gang has new responsibilities too: Olivia is a professor in Redstonia, Axel is the new wrangler of Boom Town, and Lukas is enjoying a quiet life working on his novel.

Petra, on the other hand, is still the ever-wandering adventurer. Frustrated by her friends settling down, she thinks they're wasting their lives and should all be back on the road again. That conflict of Adventure vs. Responsibility and dealing with your friends changing became the pillars around which we built a lot of the season's themes and character arcs.

enter image description here

These differences in their lives and lifestyles are also reflected in the gang's new costumes - Axel, Olivia, and Lukas have traded their armor for more casual attire, while Petra's armor is starting to look a little road-worn and cobbled-together. The art team did an incredible job giving the gang new and exciting looks while also making them instantly recognizable.

Jesse's home has gone through some huge changes too. Last seen in episode 5, Beacontown has grown into an awesome and eclectic city full of color and tons of crazy builds. Nell has a beach shop. StampyCat and StacyPlays have houses of their own. Ivor (& Harper)'s lab has grown bigger and more elaborate. We knew we wanted to give the player multiple opportunities to explore Beacontown this season, so the team went nuts filling Beacontown to the brim with things to see. I look at it all the time and I feel like I'm still spotting new stuff every time.

enter image description here

And speaking of new stuff! Oh man there are some new characters that I can't wait for players to meet. Petra's hero Jack and his best buddy Nurm, Jesse's plucky new assistant Radar, would-be rival Stella and that sassy llama of hers... We've got some really exciting stuff coming down the road this season and I am so excited to hear what people think. Thanks for being along for the ride everyone - I think it's gonna be a good one. :)