Gamora and Nebula: Your Choices Define a Family

posted by Justin Lambros August 18th 2017

One of the great things about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is the way we get to focus on a different member of this crazy cosmic Super Hero group in each of the episodes. For Episode 3, the focus is fully set on Gamora, which allows players to see more of her backstory and her relationship with her adopted family, namely the mad Titan Thanos and her cyborg sister, Nebula.

Personally for me, this is one of the most exciting stories to tell, as these characters have long and circuitous histories in the comics and also delivered some of my favorite scenes in the movies. As we usually do here at Telltale, we create our own unique take on the characters that we include in our series, and that is no different with Gamora and Nebula. We collaborate closely with the Marvel Games team to figure out the unique elements and what we borrow from the other versions. And that’s one of the great things about working in the Marvel Universe: there are decades of unique takes on characters from comic writers and artists, cartoons, movies, and even other games... so there’s a certain expectation of adding something new to these characters as we move forward.

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Because it’s been a little while since the release of Episode 2, I thought I’d give a little recap of where these characters are. You may remember that as “the Rocket episode” with the heartbreaking scenes with Lylla, but it was also when we introduced Nebula into the season. And one of the great things about Nebula is she is one of the most conditional characters in our game. That is Telltale-speak meaning your choices will dramatically impact what happens to Nebula in your playthroughs, probably more so than any other character.

So, let’s recap the big Gamora/Nebula choices so far in the season. In the first episode after defeating Thanos, Gamora gets nostalgic for her sister. As the player, you can guide Peter to urge Gamora to reconnect with her adopted sibling or to leave that relationship in the past. Another big conditional moment for Nebula in the first episode isn’t really clear at the time, but it’s your decision about what to do with Thanos’s body.

This actually determines how and where you’ll meet Nebula in Episode 2. If you sold Thanos to the Collector, you’ll encounter Nebula in his museum and have a hand-to-hand brawl to subdue the powerful cyborg. But if you released Thanos into the custody of the Nova Corps, then you’ll encounter her in an exciting space battle with the Nova Corps and Thanos’s capital ship. In addition to that, Nebula is key to figuring out some facts about the all important relic, the Eternity Forge, and how you get her help is also up to player choice (do you force her or convince her?).

Lastly, there are another couple of relationship building or destroying choices you can make for the Gamora/Nebula relationship in Episode 2. First off, choosing who stands guard on Nebula when you investigate the Kree temple is important. If you allow Gamora to stay onboard, there’s a chance they may reconnect more (based on your Episode 1 choice), but if you tell Drax to guard her, that opportunity is lost. Lastly, there’s the moment in the end battle with the Kree where you can set Nebula free to help you or keep her chained up if you don’t trust her. I think this choice in the game is very interesting, because something similar happened in Marvel Studios' “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and [SPOILER ALERT] she immediately betrayed the Guardians in that story. In our story of course, it turns out differently.

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So, long story short, there’s a lot of gray area as to where the Gamora/Nebula relationship is based on your choices in Episodes 1 & 2. But what you will definitely get to do in Episode 3 is determine what their past was like and how the dynamic between the two younger sisters and their adoptive father was. We gave hints that it was competitive, but was it cutthroat? Is there a true bond there or are they just surviving? In addition to those interesting choices, there are some cool plot-based choices that will impact the Guardians and their battle with Hala, but I don’t want to spoil anything here.

Lastly, what you’ll get, no matter which choices you make, is terrific voice performances from the actresses playing these roles. Emily O’Brien as Gamora has shown great depth in being able to be both tough and vulnerable, serving as both the conscience of the Guardians team as well as a sarcastic foil to Peter Quill’s nonsense. And Ashly Burch delivers an amazing Nebula. As you can tell from the above choices, there’s a lot of range that will need to be delivered for that character, and she is knocking it out of the park. Both in this episode and the upcoming final episodes of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, you’ll get to enjoy their performances and have great impact on how this relationship develops.

I know it has been a long while since the last release in this series, but the extra time has helped us deliver a third episode that has great heart, amazing action, and some truly meaningful choices that will echo through the remainder of the season. Get ready to jump back into the Milano with the Guardians in Episode 3 on August 22nd!

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