Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Gets a New Episode, a New Disc, and New Languages Today!

posted by Scott Butterworth September 19th 2017

Hey fellow adventurers! Today is a big day for Minecraft: Story Mode, with three major additions all landing at the same time. First, Telltale and Mojang just launched the third episode of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two. The episode, entitled 'Jailhouse Block,' is now available for download on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices, as well as through Telltale's own online store.

Next, the series' Season Pass Disc for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is out now at retailers across North America, and will arrive on Xbox 360 on October 3. The disc is coming to European territories as well -- the PS4 and Xbox One versions hit store shelves in Europe on September 22, while the Xbox 360 disc will become available September 27. The disc contains episode one, 'Hero in Residence,' and lets you download each of the remaining four episodes as they become available.

Finally, you can now enjoy full German, Spanish, and French voice acting in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two! These languages are available today in episode one, 'Hero in Residence,' and will be available for episodes two and three later this week on all platforms (with the exceptions of Xbox 360 and GOG.com - PC/Mac, which will receive language patches at a later date). Going forward, these languages will launch day and date with new episodes. In order to download and enable a new language, you simply need to navigate to "Languages" in the Settings menu and select from the options listed there.

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