The Official Trailer for Episode Two of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Teases The Admin's Next Move...

Scott Butterworth

August 10th 2017

Hey adventurers! Episode two of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two will be available for download very, very soon (August 15), so we wanted to give you a quick taste of what the episode, "Giant Consequences," has in store.

Getting to Know Jack

Jonathan Stauder

August 10th 2017

Introducing a new character into the beloved cast of a Telltale game is no small challenge. Jack, a new addition to Minecraft: Story Mode, had to be …

Bringing Lylla to Life

Nicole Martinez

August 9th 2017

One of the first things they told me when I came on to lead episode 2 was that there was going to be an otter in it. For context, this is my desk…

See the Official Trailer for Episode One of Batman: The Enemy Within

Scott Butterworth

August 3rd 2017

Citizens of Gotham City! We’re thrilled to finally share the official trailer for the season premiere of Batman: The Enemy Within. Episode one, The Enigma, will be available for download starting Tuesday, August 8, but the trailer is available right now!

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