'The Walking Dead' - Your Choices

Nathan Ortega

December 19th 2016

Greetings fellow survivors,

The world of The Walking Dead is filled with tough decisions, and each one can be a matter of life and death. With the …

Telltale's "A New Frontier" Story Generator

Kevin Bruner

December 15th 2016

Hey everyone,

Kevin from Telltale here again!

It’s been four years since we launched The Walking Dead Season One, and so much has happened since that …

How you can get your Walking Dead Saves into Season Three!

Kevin Bruner

December 12th 2016

Hey All,

Kevin from Telltale here! Just wanted to let you know how we are handling importing Season One and Two data into our new Walking Dead game …

'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' Episode 5: 'City of Light' Trailer

Nathan Ortega

December 12th 2016

Greetings citizens of Gotham!

The epic finale to Batman – The Telltale Series arrives starting tomorrow, December 13th! Along with that, today we’re …

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