Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Choices & Consequences

Charming. Suave. Muscular. Awesome. These are just a few of the words that Strong Bad would use to describe himself. In a world gone mad, only one man can be trusted to save the day... for himself. A man with a mask. And boxing gloves. And an attitude. A man called Strong Bad.

With all new storylines co-written by the guys from, you'll feel like you're inside Strong Bad's world. (You may even start to talk like him!) Each episode has a different theme and you get to hang out with with Homestar, The Cheat, Bubs — the whole crew. It's like a Strong Bad cartoon on steroids.

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Homestar Ruiner

When a practical joke goes awry, Strong Bad has to get the loafing Homestar Runner out of his house.


Strong Badia The Free

Join the Homestarmy and help Strong Bad bring down the corrupt King of Town.


Baddest of the Bands

Hurting for cash, Strong Bad turns to the gods of rock and roll for some divine inspiration.


Dangeresque 3

Strong Bad lands the role of a lifetime in this blockbuster movie event.


8-Bit Is Enough

Trogdor's on the loose! Send the dragon packing and restore balance.

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