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[PC] Batman Patch Notes

An update for BATMAN – The Telltale Series on Steam has arrived that contains significant improvements as well as adding numerous performance settings to allow users to customize the game for their systems.

Upon installation, the game will auto-detect the recommended settings for your particular hardware configuration. For those who'd like finer control, there's a new set of rendering resolution and quality settings you can tweak under Settings > Graphics. These new settings allow you to tailor your game for the optimal experience on your hardware.

Further details and a performance enhancement chart can be found below.

The following graphics performance data was collected by independent testing firm Beta Breakers using machines with clean Windows installations and latest video drivers. User results may vary.

enter image description here

Patch Notes:

  • Added support for a greatly expanded list of PC system configurations
  • Added additional 'Texture Quality' setting to improve performance on GPU with less VRAM
  • Added 'Balanced Performance' rendering setting to improve performance
  • Fixes to holomap rendering on performance quality setting
  • Restarting episode only resets current episode choices