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[RESOLVED][PS4] I am unable to import my Season 1 saves to Season 2

This issue is now resolved. Please update The Walking Dead Season 2 with the latest available update.

Our team is investigating an issue in regards to importing your save data to The Walking Dead Season 2.

We have found a potential workaround for disc owners:

  1. Uninstall Season 2 from your console.
  2. Redownload the game through the PlayStation store or via the disc
  3. Upon launching the game you will be prompted to update to the latest version - please cancel this update and continue loading the game normally
  4. Once at the main menu, try importing Season 1 and begin playing Season 2
  5. Once Season 1 has been imported, please restart the game and download the latest update (updating after importing should not affect progress)

We are continuing to investigate this issue however that workaround may provide useful in the meantime. We will update this article once we have more information!