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[RESOLVED] I have the disc version but purchased Episode 6/7 in the Playstation Store

We believe we have now resolved this issue, and you should be able to download these episodes regardless of where you purchased them. If you purchased the Adventure Pass, Episode 6, or Episode 7 from outside the disc version of the game, you should now be able to download and install these.

If you are encountering any difficulty downloading or installing these episodes. please remove the disc from your console. After you have removed the disc, please go into your console's Settings -> System Storage Management -> Applications, and delete any data you see for Minecraft: Story Mode in here. Your saves are stored in a different location, and they will not also be deleted.

After doing this, please insert the disc and allow any files to install before launching. Please then launch the game, go into the Episodes menu, and see if you are able to download Episodes 6 and 7 from here.