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How to run the PC/Mac Support Tool for Classic Games

The Support Tool is a batch/script file that collects general system information and data related to our Classic Games (Back to the Future, Puzzle Agent, etc), such as a directory listing of the install folder, save folder, and crash events caused by the game. This information helps our support team identify the root of potential issues you may be experiencing.

Please note this Support Tool gathers information for The Walking Dead: Season One, The Walking Dead: Season Two, and Classic Games. You will still be able to run this Support Tool even if you do not have The Walking Dead installed.

To run the Support Tool on PC:

  1. Download the TWD PC Support Tool.exe file at the bottom of this article and double-click on it to run the file. Allow it run until it says "FINISHED" at the bottom.
  2. Once the Support Tool is finished, it will open an explorer window containing a file named
  3. Attach your file to your support email or ticket.

To run the Support Tool on Mac:

  1. Download the TWD Mac Support file at the bottom of this article. You should see the TWD_Mac_Support_Tool folder in your downloads. If you have disabled Safari's automatic unzipping, click on TWD_Mac_Support_Tool in your downloads to unzip it.
  2. Open the TWD_Mac_Support_Tool folder. Right click on and select Open. A window might pop up. If so, click Open again.
  3. The script will run in a terminal window. Once it shows "Process Completed", close the terminal window.
  4. You should now see a file named in the TWD_Mac_Support_Tool folder.
  5. Attach your file to your support email or ticket.