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[Xbox 360] My disc version is lagging/hitching

If you have the physical disc version of the game, an internal Xbox hard drive is required to run the disc depending on which model of Xbox 360 you own. To check which models this requirement applies to, please read the back of your disc's box. If you have a model that does not include an internal hard drive, such as the 4 GB model or Arcade model, you will need to install a hard drive with at least 1 GB of free space available.

Please note that only an official internal Xbox hard drive can be used. Using an external regular USB drive or flash drive will not resolve this issue.

For full instructions on how to install and use an internal Xbox hard drive, please read this Xbox Support article.

If your model does have an internal hard drive and you are experiencing this issue, please disconnect from the internet and start the game again. Please ensure that you do not have the digital download version installed on your console as well, as this may cause issues with the game.

We also recommend clearing your system's cache by following the steps in this Xbox Support article.

You can also start an episode, then pause the game and wait 5-10 minutes to allow the game to cache. Then unpause the game, and the lagging in the game should be resolved. While the game is paused and you are waiting for it to cache, you may hear the disc continue to run, then quiet down after 5-10 minutes, which indicates it has completed caching.

If the game or an episode launches to a black screen, please note that the black screen can persist for several minutes before loading. Please launch the game and try waiting on the black screen for at least 5 minutes.