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One film that doesn't get brought up much when people talk about bad films

Latest post by Kameraden

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The Riddle Thread ( i will keep adding riddles)

Latest post by thedreamcatcher

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The Vent Thread

Latest post by BroKenny

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Games you are too chicken to play

Latest post by BroKenny

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Tech Help: Is this Video Card compatible with my Asus H81M-D Motherboard?

Latest post by cRipper

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Well I finally finished LiS

Latest post by Kennyshouladiedins1

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Answer the question above you

Latest post by AronDracula

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Latest post by aManWhoLovesTelltale

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What are you listening to right now?

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Can you name the gears/apparel used by the Walking Dead Characters(TV)?

Latest post by Anonymer

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Tales from the Borderlands

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Forumlands I: Back in Action

Latest post by Pentinent_Thief

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Rhys X Fiona Confirmed Season Finale "The Vault of The Traveler" Spoilers!!

Latest post by Poogers555

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The Borderlands Fan Art Thread

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Tales From The Borderlands miscellaneous subjects thread

Latest post by Pipas

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We Want Season 2!

Latest post by ExileD

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The Fate of Yvette

Latest post by AnimalBoy

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Who did you choose for your team?

Latest post by AnimalBoy

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My Thought of Tales from the borderland so far and mah choices

Latest post by dojo32161

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Official Rhysha Thread (Episode 5 Spoilers)

Latest post by J-Master

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Your favourite lines/quotes from the game?

Latest post by DragonBorn1919

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