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The Wolf Among Us

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List your thoughts about how can Season 2 be better than Season 1.

Latest post by TheZorkij

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A couple of things I hope Telltale won't fuck up in s2

Latest post by KCohere

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Latest post by TJP623

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How will you play Bigby in Season 2?

Latest post by InKennyWeTrust

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To Fables readers - what are some places from comics you'd like to visit in Season 2?

Posted by CoolGuyJ

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Characters in S2

Latest post by CoolGuyJ

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Wow - so TWAU season 2 really is happening!

Latest post by Sherlock221

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"Good" choices?

Latest post by TJP623

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To the TWAU old timers

Latest post by MasterStone

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The Wolf Among Us: Fanart

Latest post by AgentZ46

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